2019 Lecturer at Department of academic drawing, Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2018–2020 Illustrator at «Eleven New York» journal, New York, USA


2018–2019  Polish Institute in Saint Petersburg, Russia

2017–2019  MA. Ceramics and Glass, Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Fine Art Major, Ceramics Major, Russia

2012–2016  BFA. Ceramics and Glass, Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design Fine Art Major, Ceramics Major, Russia

2011–2011 Department of Ceramics, Khanty-Mansiysk Institute of Design and Applied Arts. Khanty–Mansiysk, Siberia, Russia

2009–2011  Department of Design, Nizhnevartovsk State Humanitarian University. Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia, Russia

2006–2009  Evening art school №1. Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia, Russia

1996–2005  Art Studio «SPEKTR». Izluchinsk, Siberia, Russia

I was born and brought up in Siberia, in a region where most of the year snow covers the land, and that is perhaps the main reason why I love color so much, the reason why I try to express this love with the help of art, creating various combinations of it, both in paintings and in sculptural plastic.


I believe that my works are strongly influenced by my travels: to China and trips around the European countries (Finland, Italy, Norway, Vatican, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova). Also, it is hard for me to stay impartial towards modern design. Talking about my art the impact was molded by artists, designers, and architectures such as: Alvar Aalto (Finland), Minoru Yamasaki (USA), Anish Kapoor (UK), Ettore Sottsass (Italy), and many others. For several years, I managed to visit porcelain productions in different countries, for example the ARABIA plant in Helsinki. Some time later I have been to Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture: here I saw what kind of opportunities exist for the realization of my creative ideas, which later helped me to decide on the theme of the thesis project at my Academy. I decided to use porcelain as my main material for my future art projects: I fell in love with this material after my journey to China where I was watching Chinese craftsmen using pure laconic forms, performing them in an absolutely authentic way. I suppose I was able to get an unusual mixture of Eastern and North European styles, which aesthetics are rather similar. Cylinders, cones and tetrahedrons are found in Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian modern architecture as well as in Korean, Japanese and Singaporean. The architectural form quiet often dictates the style within which the interior is being accomplished.


My observation leads me to the conclusion that now we are going through a time when the international style is again relevant, this style may be diluted with a small accent, which echoes this or that cultural peculiarity, characteristic of the region where the building is located. Thus, architecture has a great influence on all kinds of art. In turn, I can’t miss and ignore some of the tendencies in the sphere of its contemporary nature, bringing a variety of elements into my creative designs and treating the form and color in a very delicate way at the same time.


To my mind, freedom of art is a principle, according to which the author of an artwork has the right to choose freely directions of his art, theme, and subjects for description, apply all kinds of graphic media and artistic methods, that he considers appropriate for achievement of his chosen creative goal.

Freedom of art can be seen as one of the manifestations of the fundamental principle of the freedom of word, which assumes the right of each individual for the free expression of one’s thoughts.

Art can change the world, it is a method that allows to create new ideas, invent, and expand the boundaries of imagination. I think that every artist must defend the freedom of selfexpression. The artist who cannot express himself in art, who doesn’t desire to learn this, is defective, and will never become the real master.

I think that in the present time, the creative human must try himself in different media, in different directions and styles, and seek something new without being frightened of experiments with unknown materials. The world does not stand still, and we should not forget this.